10 - 12 April 2024

WTM Africa 2023 Awards

Our love for travel, the world, people and culture is evident in the passion for making the WTM Africa Awards a global benchmark, acknowledging and connecting the tourism industry Rooted in Africa!

The WTM Africa Awards shines the spotlight on expectational individuals and businesses shaping the industry, overseen by an expert panel on judges across specially curated stories moving people to experience Africa.

There is no other way to share the magic of Africa’s travel and tourism than through the vibrant stories that capture its innate essence, mystery, adventure, and discovery. 

2023 Finalists

  • Semonkong Lodge
  • Mohato Communications
  • How Many Elephants
  • Spier
  • TripClip
  • Cape Town Tourism
  • Shimansky
  • Afrigay Tourism
  • Eco Africa Digital
  • Onguma Safari Camps
  • Luxit Africa
  • EAD Africa Digital
  • Love Africa Marketing

Awards ceremony details

DATE: Sunday, 2 April 2023

TIME: 18h30 – 21h30

VENUE: GOLD Restaurant

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners


Africa’s regions and cities are all unique with adventure beckoning around every corner. They all have a story to tell, but the magic lies in the telling. The Most Compelling unlocks travellers’ spirit for adventure, moving them to shape their travel plans around an African destination. Whether the story is directed through a consumer or trade campaign, it is a catalyst for tourists’ wanderlust. It inspires them to pack their bags and embark on a journey of discovery to learn more about Africa’s cities and regions. By using an authentic and creative narrative that entices international and domestic visitors to explore an African destination It brings the destination to life for viewers, giving them a taste of the destination’s culture, natural beauty, history and vibrancy.

Open to National, Regional or City boards/marketing agencies.

WINNER: Shimansky (The Diamond Experience)

RUNNER UP: Love Africa Marketing


The Most Compelling Technology and Innovation Story leads innovative and integrated technologies that are redefining the tourist experience in Africa.  As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace around the world, technology in Tourism needs to advance with it. Smart cities are a draw card for tourists, offering integrated technologies that enhance their travel experience. Technologies that help tourist navigate and explore a destination, such as integrated maps, public APIs, facial recognition, data manipulation and augmented reality.




Marketing in the tourism industry requires exceptional expertise to effectively execute campaigns that tell the right story to the right people. The Most Compelling Agency Story speaks to an African marketing agency that not only has an extensive portfolio of tourism campaigns but are also leaders in conceptualising and executing bespoke marketing strategies for their clients. Whether big or small, it’s an agency that breathes life into successful tourism marketing campaigns that move and inspire people to travel Africa.

WINNER: Love Africa Marketing

RUNNER UP: Eco Africa Digital


The digital space is a veritable treasure trove for marketers. It seamlessly connects with the tourism sector in not only bringing travel stories to life, but also taking people closer their dream destinations. New features and technologies on websites and social media platforms are great enablers for marketers to get creative. The Most Compelling Digital Campaign Story showcases a holistic digital strategy that effectively markets products and services by unleashing the power of digital as an effective tool to boost growth in the African tourism industry.

WINNER: Cape Town Tourism

RUNNER UP: Eco Africa Digital


The Most Responsible Tourism Story shows how the travel and tourism industry can significantly reduce its carbon footprint in Africa through effective and replicable initiatives. Responsible Tourism is defined as any form of tourism that “minimises negative social, economic and environmental impacts; generates greater economic benefits for locals; and enhances the well-being of host communities”. By virtue of the nature of the tourism industry in driving visitors to destinations around the world, it has a critical role to play in looking after the environment.

WINNER: Onguma Safari Camps

RUNNER UP: Mohato Communications


Speaking to those with a heart for adventure requires imagination and huge dollops of creativity. Marketing campaigns need to inspire and challenge visitors to tick adventure activities off their bucket lists. In Africa, we have some of the most exciting and challenging adventure activities in the world! The Most Compelling Adventure Story captures the thrill of Adventure Tourism through campaigns that effectively promote activities and destinations that are sustainable, ethical and involves the local community.

WINNER: Holly Budge | How Many Elephants

RUNNER UP: Love Africa Marketing


In an effort to promote an inclusive Tourism Industry that is accessible by all, the Most Compelling Inclusive Story inspires the industry to do more in advocating for inclusivity on the Africa continent. It is encouraging to see that more and more destinations want to meet the discerning needs of the LGBTQ traveller. This is reflected in targeted campaigns that position them as destinations of choice for the LGBTQ community. This growing market (over USD$200-billion spent annually) is a great opportunity for the tourism sector to tap into a new and vibrant wave of visitors.

WINNER: Luxit Africa

RUNNER UP: Afrigay Travel