3 - 5 April 2023

Covid-19 FAQs

What measures are you putting in place to ensure safety of the attendees during the show?

We are following government guidance and public health advice closely. We’re planning collaboratively with venue owners, partners and the relevant authorities to deliver a safe and secure setting and experience for our attendees; remaining alert to the COVID-19 risks we face at any given point in time. This planning allow us the flexibility to ramp up or down our response as local circumstances dictate. 

How are you going to manage the density of the crowd and contact between attendees during the event?

The capacity of the venue has been re-calculated to ensure that there are enough provisions made for social distancing between attendees. The re-calculation is made by means of allocating an occupancy of no less than three (3) square meters per attendee rather than on a person per sqm standing or 2 persons per sqm seated. Recalculating the capacity requires to take into account all obstructions, furniture, set, concessions, exit aisles, etc.

Using a framework which takes into account capacity and capacity density, the ability to social distance and the level of compliance with these guidelines, it will be reasonably practicable to host the event based on the different levels of risk criteria.

To ensure a low risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, our event will have the following compliance measures in place:

• Appoint a person in the role of compliance officer
• Provide a risk assessment for COVID-19 exposure determining the risk profile of the event
• Provide a COVID-19 Strategy for the event including control measures
• Provide health screening processes for staff, workers and attendees alike
• Provide hygiene stations and relevant PPE
• Provide safe work procedures and site rules based on COVID-19
• Provide awareness and training where applicable
• Practice social distancing based on 1.5m between people at all times
• Provide capacity density of 1 person per 3sqm
• Be able to contact trace all staff, workers and attendees with relevant information
• Communicate prior, during and after with workers, staff and attendees
• Provide sealed meals, sealed beverages and sealed utensils
• Be able to disinfect the venue prior and post the event
• Provide a cleaning solution during the event based on COVID-19 requirements
• Provide a waste management plan based on COVID-19 requirements 

Are face masks mandatory?

The wearing of a face mask will be compulsory within the venues and at our events. The only exception to this is while eating and drinking within a catering space or for those who are exempt.

How are you managing the entrance queue?

We are working closely with the venue, security and front of house teams to ensure that queues are minimised and everyone arriving onsite are able to move through the process with minimum contact/interaction.  

Will the number of visitors be limited?

We will be adhering to the government guidelines, to ensure a safe number of people are allowed to enter the building. 

If you feel unwell

Please ensure that you are in good health, with no fever or other symptoms related to COVID-19, before travelling to the venue and attending our event. Please understand the travel restrictions from your country of origin and destination country.

If you or a member of your team experience any COVID-19 symptoms they should immediately follow guidance on self-isolating and testing. 

Health and Safety at WTM Africa 2022

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