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Africa is as unique as it is beautiful. It is underneath our starry skies that generations of storytellers have held court while telling their folktales. We invite you to experience the beauty of African days and African nights as our stories unfold. We celebrate all that lies beneath out African skies as we honour the stars of African tourism and the enchanting tales we weave for our guests.

Under African Skies celebrates the success of national, regional and city tourist boards and recognises outstanding private sector companies and individuals. Organised by WTM Africa, along with an independent panel of expert judges, the 8 awards showcase the most compelling stories in the African travel & tourism industry, in front of an audience of 500+ senior industry professionals.

WTM Africa Travel Awards Judges

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The Categories


The WTM Africa Travel & Tourism Awards shine a spotlight on exceptional individuals and businesses that have made incredible contributions to the African travel industry. Winning an award is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your ability to deliver great ideas and see your work celebrated as a source of best practice for peers to be inspired from, and to learn from.

Most Compelling Tourism Story

We look for the most compelling Tourism Story, that uses an authentic and creative narrative that enticed overseas and domestic visitors to explore an African destination. The story-driven consumer or trade campaign needs to bring the destination to life for viewers, giving them a taste of the destination’s culture, natural beauty, history and vibrancy.

Competing in a highly competitive domestic and global tourism market called for a distinctive campaign that unleashed the power of story that naturally appeals to tourists’ imagination. The question is, does your story take them on a journey of discovery like no other?

Most Compelling Technology and innovation Story

As the development and implementation of technology continues at a rapid pace around the world, technologies in the tourism sector needs to advance with it. We are looking for the leader in innovative and integrated technologies that are redefining the tourist experience in Africa.

Smart cities are a draw card for tourists, offering integrated technologies that enhance their travel experience. Think integrated maps that help tourists navigate everything from the public transport system to the best restaurants to grab a bite to eat. Think technologies that use public APIs, facial recognition, data manipulation and augmented reality.

Most Compelling Agency Story

Marketing and effective PR campaigns in the tourism industry requires exceptional expertise to effectively execute campaigns with the right story to the right people. We are looking for marketing and PR agencies in Africa that not only have an extensive portfolio of tourism campaigns, but are leaders in conceptualising and executing bespoke marketing strategies and PR stories for their clients.

Most Compelling Digital Story

The digital space is a veritable treasure trove for marketers. It seamlessly connects with the tourism sector in not only bringing travel stories to life, but also taking people closer their dream destinations. New features and technologies on websites and social media platforms are enabling marketers to get even more creative and innovative with campaigns. That is why we want to recognise the most compelling Digital story that showcases a holistic digital strategy that effectively marketed products and services in the African travel industry. This also includes Digital Influencers that moved followers to support a travel brand.

Most Compelling Luxury Story

With consistently high growth in recent times, and with expected growth of 6.2% over the next decade, luxury travel is helping to drive the entire travel and tourism industry. But what defines luxury travel? Service levels, personalisation, experience, privacy, time, wellness and relaxation? Luxury travellers are multi-generational, they come from all corners of the world and are increasingly discerning in their choices.

Luxury travellers come from all corners of the world and are increasingly discerning in their choices. In a hyper connected world, brands/products and destinations are having to react faster than ever to keep attracting and delighting their customers. The Most Compelling Luxury Story delivers an unrivalled guest experience. As people aspire to live healthier lives or are looking for ways to ease their stress and relax, tell us about your luxury product, service or destination! We look for offerings that provide natural assets and/or activities targeted at luxury and wellness travellers looking for something unique, respite from the daily demands of the modern world or simply a world-class luxurious product or experience like none other.

Most Compelling Sustainable Tourism Story

Sustainable Tourism is defined as any form of tourism that “minimises negative social, economic and environmental impacts; generates greater economic benefits for local people; and enhances the well-being of host communities”. By virtue of the nature of the tourism industry in driving visitors to destinations around the world, it has a critical role to play in looking after the environment.

We look for the Most Compelling Sustainable Tourism Story highlighting how your initiatives significantly enhance your sustainability footprint in Africa.

Most Compelling Adventure Story

Speaking to those with a heart for adventure requires imagination and huge dollops of creativity. Marketing campaigns need to inspire and challenge visitors to tick adventure activities off their bucket lists. In Africa, we have some of the most exciting and challenging adventure activities in the world!

We are looking for the most compelling Adventure stories that capture the thrill of Adventure Tourism. The award recognises the best campaign that effectively promotes Adventure Tourism activities and destinations that are sustainable, ethical and involves the local community.

Most Compelling Foodie Story

One of the best ways for tourists to immerse themselves in the culture and history of a destination is by digging into the local fare. Dishes that are indigenous to a destination are paired with incredible stories passed down from generation to generations. They naturally bring people together and start conversations that break down language and cultural barriers.

It’s not surprising that the 2016 Food Travel Monitor survey found that 93% of travellers’ destination of choice is influenced by food and drink. We are looking for the most compelling Foodie Story that gives travellers a taste of African food and drink through enticing marketing and PR campaigns.

Award Partners

GOLD Restaurant

A unique African restaurant in the heart of Cape Town. Our set 14 course Cape Malay and African menu is a taste safari that will transport you from Table Mountain to Timbuktu. This culinary experience is accompanied by unique interactive traditional entertainment. 

Side Street Explorers

Side Street Explorers offer a variety of unique travel packages both locally and abroad. Whilst working closely with a variety of experts in their field we have slowly started to create multiple immersive tours. Potential wants, needs and expectations are carefully assessed during this process to deliver a niche travel package to our customers.

Bryte SA

Bryte Insurance Company Limited (“Bryte”) is Southern Africa's premier, proactive business risk specialist and is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.Through its unparalleled industry insights, proven expertise and foresight, Bryte partners with customers and brokers to protect their businesses and improve their risk profiles across the continent.

Indlovu Gin

An innovative premium gin for the adventurous spirit and the discerning gin collector. Indlovu gin is made using multiple flavouring runs. The essential ingredients in Indlovu gin are derived from elephant dung that is washed and dried. The extracted botanicals are then infused into the gin, which provides unique African flavours.

Jordan Wine Estate

Gary and Kathy Jordan have been making world-class wines at this top wine estate since 1993 on a farm with a history going back over 300 years. Together this husband and wife team is a phenomenon. Unique by Nature’s Design, the Jordan slopes face North, South, East and West, with vineyards lying at differing altitudes from 160 to 410 m above sea level. 

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