Benchmarking the best

The International Travel & Tourism Awards shine a spotlight on exceptional individuals and businesses that have made incredible contributions to the global travel industry. 

Winning an award is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your ability to deliver great ideas and see your work celebrated as a source of best practice for peers to be inspired from, and to learn from.

How to enter

The International Travel & Tourism Awards comprise of a Gold and Silver award, plus Highly Commended awards for high quality entries. We have created an Entry Guide that details all you need to know about the awards, including the recquirements for entering and information to help you form your descriptions for judging. Please take the time to read this before you enter.  

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The Awards Judges

See who's involved in choosing our winners, and find out more about them.

Award Categories

Best National Tourism Board Campaign

This award will recognise which destination has showcased its vibrancy, culture and individuality through an innovative bespoke consumer or trade campaign that leaves the viewer pushing the destination to the top of their bucket list or wanting to return.

In today’s competitive global tourism market, geographic destinations need to stand out from the crowd to attract overseas and domestic visitors, but which tourism campaign deserves to be awarded and highlighted to the industry?

Who can enter?

National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) and Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) that represent towns, cities, regions, areas or countries. Public Relation Agencies and Marketing Representation companies can also apply on their behalf.

Best Destination Campaign

Has your destination, city or region showcased its vibrancy, culture and individuality through an innovative and persuasive consumer or trade campaign, that has achieved volume and value growth and encouraged potential visitors to put the region to the top of their bucket list or to return?

Previously the Best Regional/City Campaign, this award now encompasses all destinations other than National Tourist Boards.

Who can enter?

A region (or an agency which represents a region) - a geographic region that has been designated by a governmental organisation or tourism bureau as having common cultural or environmental characteristics. A city or an agency that represents a city. Not open to National Tourism Boards, please enter Best National Tourism Board Campaign category.

Best Agency for Tourism Marketing

This award will recognise the best Marketing Representation agency based on multiple campaigns that they’ve worked on. The agency which offers the most appropriate and/or innovative bespoke solutions to its clients and achieves outstanding results with varying budgets.

Do you possess a varied database of travel clients with which you’ve had great success with, utilizing the right channels, targeting the right audiences and developing the right strategy, exceeding your travel client’s objectives? Or are you a small agency that is new to the market, but already achieving outstanding results?

Who can enter?

Marketing Representation companies. Destinations and companies can put their agency forward for an award.

Best PR Campaign

This award recognises a destination or company that delivered the most original and best performing PR campaign. The campaign will have a consistent brand message and be marketed using more than one medium, including both paid-for and non-paid-for media and activities.

Have you or your PR Agency come up with an unforgettable PR campaign which has provoked conversations and led to an increase in bookings or increased spend, seen huge amounts of coverage within targeted media outlets or helped with a much needed rebrand?

Who can enter?

Open to all in the travel industry.

Most Innovative Use of Technology within a Destination

This award honours the most innovative use of in-destination technology. Has your destination, city, or region introduced technology which makes it more liveable for residents while welcoming visitors? Is your city smart? Have you used tech to manage peaks in demand? What are you doing with the data collected from tourists? Are you offering free city-wide Wi-Fi? Do you have the metrics to back up these claims? Is your public transport network visitor-friendly?

Examples of technology integrations may include innovative uses of public APIs, facial recognition to help manage flows, data analysis, augmented reality, payment gateways, trip planners, city passes, robotic assistants, interactive signage and more.

Who can enter?

National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) and Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) that represent towns, cities, regions, areas or countries. Public Relation Agencies and Marketing Representation companies can also apply on their behalf.

Best Digital Campaign in Tourism

This award recognises an organisation within the travel industry that has a well implemented strategy to successfully market its products or services using digital technologies. It will also recognises tourism boards or travel brands that have used social media to effectively gain trade and consumer trust, increase brand awareness and consideration, improved loyalty through promotions and deals, offered interactive competitions and excelled in customer service through social media.

Social media has fundamentally changed the way that many companies communicate with and market to their target demographics. For the travel and hospitality sector, the rise of the internet and the increased popularity of social channels has altered travel marketing. From the way consumers research potential destinations to the activities that they participate in once they arrive, the new ways that consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions has influenced tourism marketing from start to finish.

Who can enter?

Open to all in the travel & tourism industry

Best Digital Influencer Campaign

This award recognises a digital influencer(s) campaign that has had a significant impact on the Industry.

The influencer will have spent time and effort building a loyal following and built an audience that trusts them and the products and services they use. Ultimately resulting in an increase in awareness, sales, or change of opinion as part of a particular campaign.

As an extra benefit, shortlisted Digital Influencers will receive a free ticket to the Awards Night, worth at least £350 + VAT.

Who can enter?

Digital influencers- those that have the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviours, and drive measureable outcomes online. To encourage entries from bliggers, social media gurus, vloggers YouTubers etc. a special entry rate of £99+VAT is offered. 

Best in Wellness

The Best in Wellness award will recognise and reward the organization (including country, region or city/town) delivering an inspiring wellness initiative. The judges will be looking at those that have spent time supporting and promoting wellness, through imaginative marketing and PR campaigns, as well as offering a consistently unique and memorable experience for visitors.

The WTA define Wellness Tourism as a specific division of the global tourism industry that is defined by the common goal of marketing natural assets and activities primarily focused on serving the Wellness Traveler and those who want to be.

It’s a wide, umbrella-like travel category that spans destinations and programs that focus on the physical, mental, social, spiritual and environmental wellness of travellers.

As “wellness” invades all tourism concepts, it not only includes destination spa and wellness resorts/retreats, but everything from mainstream hotels/hotel brands putting a new focus on wellness; hot springs destinations; cruises; medical-wellness concepts; yoga, fitness, meditation retreats – and tourism organisations that are developing and promoting their unique wellness resources to attract the new wave of consumers seeking health-focused wellness vacations plus those looking to implement wellness activities, services and amenities into any travel whether it be for business or pleasure.

Who can enter?

Any tourism organization (including country, regional or city/town levels) delivering an inspiring wellness initiative promoting both overall experiences and individual programs. Individual hotels, resorts and retreats (with or without spas) with innovative wellness programs are also open to apply.

Best in Responsible Tourism

This year the judges are looking for the best initiative to reduce carbon emissions by a hospitality, transport or tourism business or destination. At the core of Responsible Tourism is the imperative to reduce the negative impacts of the sector and carbon emissions are having an increasingly negative impact on our environment globally.

The judges are looking for examples of initiatives which can measure and report reductions in carbon emissions, NOT just for the largest reduction. The judges will take into account the effectiveness of the initiative, the cost to emissions reduction achieved, and the replicability of the initiative.

We are looking for examples to inspire and educate others about the proven ways in which the carbon emissions of travel and tourism can be significantly reduced. The tourism industry contributes to global emissions through heating and cooling accommodation, cooking and refrigerating food, and through airlines, cruise boats, rail, coaches and cars. We are looking for initiatives which have made a measurable difference and which can be promoted to others for replication.

Who can enter?

Any hospitality, tourism or travel business or destination.

Best Food Destination

The Best Food Destination award will recognise and reward the destinations (and businesses) that have spent time supporting and promoting food within the destination, through imaginative marketing and PR campaigns, as well as offering a consistently unique and memorable experience for visitors.

The mark of a desirable culinary destination is a place where good quality, and consistently unique and memorable, food and drink products and experiences take place. 

According to the 2016 Food Travel Monitor, 93% of travellers consider food and drink to be very influential in their choice of destination when researching a holiday. Destinations with compelling food and drink stand to capture more visitors seeking unique and memorable food and beverage experiences.

Who can enter?

Any destination (a country, region, city or town) where tourism has made a significant contribution to food tourism. National Tourism Organisations (NTOs), that represent cities or regions, and private nominees can also enter.

Best in Luxury

This award recognises a brand or destination who has shifted the luxury agenda and made a significant contribution to this sector. The award winner will have shown a thorough understanding of their customer and, as a result, will have delivered an unrivalled experience for their guests. They will have differentiated themselves in the luxury market and are trend setters.

With consistently high growth in recent times, and with expected growth of 6.2% over the next decade, luxury travel is helping to drive the entire travel and tourism industry. But what defines luxury travel? 

Service levels, personalisation, experience, privacy, time? Luxury travellers are multi-generational, they come from all corners of the world and are increasingly discerning in their choices. In a hyper connected world, brands and destinations are having to react faster than ever to keep attracting and delighting their customers.

Who can enter?

Any destination (a country, region, city or town), National Tourism Organisations (NTOs), that represent cities or regions, hotel brands and hotel chains (national or international) and private nominees can also enter.

Best Attraction

Visitor Attractions are very diverse. They vary in scale – and type, and from the fully commericial, usually purpose built, to natural landmarks and heritage attractions, and from cultural and religious places to those providing entertainment. However to succeed, all attractions must ensure their visitors have an excellent experience; this award will recognise Attractions that have best achieved this and can demonstrate exemplary levels of customer service and customer satisfaction.

Who can enter?

Visitor Attractions, destinations on behalf of an Attraction, PR and/or Marketing agencies on behalf of an attraction.

Best in Adventure

This award will recognise and reward the destinations or businesses that have dedicated time in supporting and promoting adventure travel, through imaginative marketing and campaigns as well as increasing interest to their particular destination through this sector. Other variables such as sustainability, ethics and local involvement will also be taken into consideration.

The judges will be taking the below points into consideration as well:

  • Supports, honours and pursues UNWTO Code of Ethics, GSTC principles, ECPAT/TheCode and ATTA’s principles for engagement in adventure tourism
  • Enables its local entrepreneurs, businesses and communities to weave the nature and culture in meaningful experiences that motivate domestic and international adventure travellers to visit
  • Focuses on holistic engagement, thinking and practice
  • Prioritises the sustainable management and development of its natural resources, rural areas, cultural heritage and living traditions in ways that lead to a better quality of life of its local residents; aims at efforts that can lead to a future restorative tourism model
  • Deliberately pursues efforts to stave off over tourism issues - delivers truly sustainable and innovative tourism flow management solutions
  • Intentionally integrates, supports and serves diversity, accessibility, gender equality and indigenous peoples’ rights
  • Makes it possible to keep a high share of the revenues from adventure tourism in the area and in ways that benefit local entrepreneurs, residents and communities
  • Invests in infrastructure, regulations and other development that ensure that the tourism footprint is balanced and minimised, including through the application of contemporary approaches such as limiting the use of single use plastics
  • Entices adventure travellers with innovative experiences that combine outdoor activities with immersion in living traditions and cultural heritage, enabling a sense of wellness, fulfilment and personal growth

Who can enter?

Tour operators of all sizes, travel agents, companies which provide equipment, DMOs, DMCs, publishers, accommodation outlets, PR agencies and tourist boards.

Best in LGBT

This award is to recognise one destination or organisation, which has demonstrated excellence with both its welcome to LGBT guests and the relevancy of its creative marketing tactics. The awarded candidate will have demonstrated outstanding initiative to appeal to and meet the needs of LGBT traveller’s best.

Today, more destinations and organisations than ever before want to attract the valuable LGBT consumer market. With more than USD$200 billion spent each year, this is a large market, but one where the consumer exhibits some quite exacting criteria. 

 LGBT guests are in demand and destinations that make the effort vie to be top choice for the LGBT traveller. We want to acknowledge the most outstanding LGBT-targeted campaign within the travel and tourism industry.

Who can enter?

Any destination (a country, region, city or town), National Tourism Organisations (NTOs), that represent cities or regions, and private nominees can also enter.

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

Selected from nominations made by WTM London Media Partners, this particular award will honour one individual or organisation that has contributed the most to the global travel and tourism industry over the last 24 months.

WTM London Media Partners are carefully selected global travel trade publications that represent all regions of the WTM London floorplan and that WTM London work closely with all year round - See the media partners here.

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Measurement of campaign

  • Overview of the project
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • What worked and what didn’t
  • Obstacles and how they were resolved
  • Proof of audience engagement
  • Lessons learnt
  • Judging criteria

    Entries will be assessed on:

    • Business demands to be tackled (up to 300 words)
    • Devised plan to carry out the project and defined target(s) (up to 300 words)
    • Project fulfillment including any original methods used (up to 300 words)
    • Proof of how the project reached its objectives (up to 300 words)
    • Effectiveness in meeting the project objectives – objectives and outcomes (up to 300 words)
    • Independent assessment from third-party stakeholder. (up to 300 words)

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