5 - 7 April 2022
São Paulo, Brasil

Responsible Tourism Awards

Since the first edition of WTM Latin America it has been presenting panels that deal with the most pressing matters in responsible tourism. Aware of the central position we occupy in Latin America as an event that brings together the trade from all over the continent, our role is that of influencer for the sustainable development of our industry. We present our visitors with solutions for transforming the destinations in which we operate into better places to live in and visit.

From 2021, WTM Latin America’s responsible tourism programme will feature the Responsible Tourism Awards, which joins the family of awards that are already presented in London, India and Africa. In this first edition we will be rewarding initiatives that have resulted in effective solutions to urgent issues in Latin America, such as social inclusion, the conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage.

The Award Categories

The categories of the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards change with each edition. We try and shed light on initiatives that provide solutions to the most relevant issues of each particular moment.

For the first edition of the WTM Latin America Responsible Tourism Awards in 2021, we have selected the four categories that have been repeated most throughout the history of the “mother-awards”, which have taken place in London since 2004.

These categories are in line with those themes that are central for our continent and need our urgent attention. WTM Latin America will be proud to recognize our trade’s efforts for responsible development, which are an example for the whole world to follow.

Best for poverty reduction & inclusion

The ‘best for poverty reduction and inclusion’ category is one of the longest standing categories of the World Responsible Tourism Awards and we are proud to present it at the first year of the Latin America edition for the importance it has in our continent. This award focuses on travel providers that take tourism as a strategy for changing local reality, using memorable holiday experiences to achieve a measurable reduction in poverty among a local community, including local and marginalised people and creating inclusive forms of tourism provision and shared value with local communities.

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Best contribution to wildlife conservation

Tourism can be an efficient way of promoting the issue of wildlife conservation for local communities, governments, companies that take benefit of natural resources and, of course, for the traveller. The objetive of ‘best contribution to wildlife conservation’ category is to award initiatives that include wildlife watching experiences, nature trails, places to stay or other holidays that work as a conservation strategy for local wildlife and habitats.

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Best cultural heritage attraction

Latin America is a continent with endless destinations where cultural heritage is the main attraction. From full conserved entire sites to remote traditions and ceremonies, we have a lot to protect and tourism may be a key agent for that. The ‘best cultural heritage attraction’ award looks for proven examples of a cultural, historic or natural resource being protected at the heart of a tourism experience.

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Best destination for responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is about making destinations better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit. It is part of the destinations’ responsibility make tourism work for change, making each visit a pleasant holiday for the traveller; and the traveller an agent for creation of local, qualified jobs, cultural and natural conservation and long-term sustainability of the industry. The ‘best destination’ category is for those destinations which use tourism for the promotion of local sustainable development.

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