Shell Scheme, Pavilions & Package Stands

Please refer to your Contract to Exhibit for your stand details including dimensions and number of corners. If you are unsure of what stand you have booked or would like to upgrade your stand please contact the Sales Team.

Shell Scheme Health & Safety

As an exhibitor, you have a legal duty of care for the safety of anyone on your stand who may be affected be your actions or omissions. Every exhibitor is responsible for making sensible adjustments to their space and onsite activities to ensure we maintain a safe environment across the show for everyone who is onsite during build up, show open and breakdown. These measures should be featured in your H&S Documentation.

As a Shell Scheme or Pavilion Exhibitor you are required to product the following documents;

  • Stand Information Form – if you are planning on having a live performance or demonstration on your stand
  • A detailed risk assessment for show open, identifying any risks with working onsite and what control measures are put in place to protect both your workers and others from COVID-19. This does not need to be submitted but must be available if requested.
  • A risk assessment inc COVID-19 for build and breakdown (only required from shell scheme stands who are building within their stand. If you are not planning any build these documents will be done on your behalf by the official stand contractor).

Shell Scheme Stand Information

If you have booked a shell scheme stand you can find further information about what is included on the links below; 

Pavilion Stand Information

If you have booked a Pavilion stand you can find further information about what is included on the links below; 

  • Start up Showcase Pavilion- coming soon 
  • African Pavilion- coming soon

Furniture Package Information

GES offer a variety of different package options so click on the links below to view or please contact them directly to discuss your requirements

If you would like to order any additional furniture via GES please use this order form or book via their webpage.

Stand Extras

If you would like to order any additional items or services for your stand please click here.

Space Only Stands

If you have booked a 'Space Only' stand this means you will be allocated an empty space on the show floor and you are responsible for providing everything else.

Please refer to your Exhibition Agreement for your stand details including dimensions and number of corners. If you are unsure of what stand you have booked or would like to upgrade your stand please contact the Sales Team.

An alternative to your current space only would be to upgrade to a SmartSpace Stand - which will be less costly than creating your own stand from scratch and also far less hassle, as the SmartSpace team will manage the whole build process for you. Please click here for more information about SmartSpace.

Space Only Exhibitor Responsibilities

Exhibitors are responsible for their own stand design and construction. No standfitting or carpet is provided by RX on space only sites.  It is your responsibility to examine the area and site allotted to you in order to avoid costly adjustments to stand structures. Where possible the organisers will provide on request detailed stand plots indicating the position of service ducts and pillars. Minor obstructions or height restrictions cannot always be indicated on the plans of the Exhibition.

Standfitting regulations contained within this section must be observed by you when planning your stand design and layout. In order to achieve a smooth run up to the Exhibition, all exhibitors should provide us with details of their selected contractors. This will enable us to supply them with any additional information they may require.

We will be pleased to offer advice and guidance where required.

Stand Build Submissions

As a space only stand you are required to submit certain documents in advance of build which are required no later than;

Wednesday 12th August 2022

There is a strict deadline to submit all dimensional stand plans and Health & Safety Information by 17.00 hours GMT on 12 August 2022. For all Double Deck Stands, failure to submit this information on time will result in the square metre rate for the upper deck area being cancelled.  Exhibitors will then be required to re-contract for the upper desk square meters at a substantially higher rate.  Please see the stand build regulations section for further details.


Stand design submissions must include plans, elevations showing heights, visuals, risk assessment, method statement and construction and dismantle phase plan.

How To Submit Stand Plans - New for 2022

Our stand plan checking process has changed and we are now partnering with Ops Squad Stand Plan Team to complete our stand plan checks for WTM London 2022.

Ops Squad Stand Plan Team will be looking after the space only stand plan sign off process in its entirety for the event, including managing all queries you may have about your stand designs. In order to sign off your stand design we require the following information from you or your contractor to be submitted at;

  • Fully dimensional stand plans with elevations
  • Rigging requirements – where relevant
  • Structural calculations – if required, see Complex Structures
  • Use of lifting equipment/need for complex lifts
  • Risk assessment for the build and breakdown periods
  • Method statement including work phases and times
  • Public liability insurance
  • Construction & Dismantle Phase Plan (CDPP)


Once they have all of this information they will review and come back to you with any questions and then issue you with a Permission to Build Certificate.

You will not be able to commence build without a Permission to Build Certificate. Please do not hesitate to contact them with any queries as they will make the process as easy as possible for you.


Ops Squad Stand Plan Team Contact Details:

Tel: 01293 401051


Stand Build Regulations

This section details stand build regulations which must be applied to your stand design. 


What is SmartSpace?

SmartSpace is the design & build service provided by RX Global to help exhibitors maximise their presence at the show. SmartSpace provides a full turnkey service, which means that everything you need for the stand is taken care of, so when you arrive on the stand, all you need to do is put out your products and brochures.

Benefits of SmartSpace

  • Single invoice for all stand services
  • Designs tailored to your specific needs
  • Competitive package prices
  • Saves you time
  • Order forms completed on your behalf
  • Project management by RX pre-show and onsite

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