1-3 Nov 2021
ExCel, London


Team up to crack real life travel tech challenges.

As tech innovation changes the experience of travellers, it creates both new benefits and pain points. It is important therefore to understand and solve these challenges as efficiently as possible.

#HackTravel hackathons bring forward thinking travel industry players together to collaboratively tackle real world industry pain points. Like the rest of Travel Forward #HackTravel will be a platform for self expression and creativity through technology.

Whether you are an OTA, hotel, software vendor or an independent travel tech expert, there are great challenges to take part in for both technical and business hackathon participants. This is a unique opportunity to share the problem solving process with people you would not normally be able to learn from, collaborate with peers and create actionable solutions at pace.

So join us, so that collectively we can turn ideas that will move the Travel industry forward, into reality.

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