November 2023
London, United Kingdom

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Why you should attend London Travel Week

Each year, during the first week of November, all eyes are on us. Not just the eyes of the travel industry though - with the widest global media reach in the industry, you will be hard-pressed to find a news outlet who is not covering the influx of vibrant cultures pouring into London. Conversation and buzz are plentiful as global media and travel professionals are looking for opportunities to attend truly unique and once in a lifetime events.

Whether you are looking to promote an existing occasion, or enlist our help to create a truly unique and tailored event for your business, London Travel Week is here for you and the travel community. In one simple step, you could align yourself with us and benefit from our trusted brand, our network of 4,000+ international press, and access to our 400,000+ strong community of travel industry delegates.

Our industry has entered a brave new world with the crisis associated with Covid-19. Travel and Tourism will rebound though and London Travel Week will be at the centre of that, so can you afford not be seen at this exclusive event?

What kind of events are on offer?

Conference Programme Events

Key Industry Seminars taking place during London Travel Week designed to educate and inspire.

Festival Events

Industry networking opportunities designed to celebrate the unique culture of exhibitors at London Travel Week.

Bespoke Sponsorship Events

Tailored and one-of-a-kind events designed to allow sponsors to build deeper connections with clients.

Knowledge Events

Targeted, pay-to-attend industry events designed to leave attendees knowing the skills and tools for business success in the coming year.

Bespoke packages

Partner with London Travel Week to deliver a bespoke event and bring your brand and vision to life. Let us handle the planning, promotion and logistics of your event whilst you focus on maximising event interaction with key customers, prospects and partners.

Choose from bespoke B2B or B2C events, ranging from trade celebrations to consumer focused activations and press opportunities. Align your brand with London Travel Week to utilise what has become the widest network of global travel media, and learn how to make your brand or destination even more successful. Get in touch today to find out more!

Take your place at London Travel Week

Get in touch with our Sales team today to discover our bespoke event promotion and sponsorship opportunities, and place your brand at the forefront of the travel industry.