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WTM Latin America Association Partners


AAOVYT was established in Argentina in December 2001 and it contemplates the main tour operators in the country. The association aims to improve and help the relationship between the main service providers and its members. AAOVYT also represents its associates in any similar activities in Argentina as well as internationally.


The Bolivian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies was founded on 2 May 1973 in La Paz, its main purpose and objectives being mainly: To promote and coordinate the development of tourist activities in Bolivia.


We are constantly looking for partnerships with suppliers who generate economic benefits for our members, in addition to training in specific aspects. We work with and support our members in the association's common aspects, guiding them in accordance with the association's vision.


As the Peruvian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism we are a not-for-profit, trade institution that represents, defends and promotes the general interests of tourism, especially those of Peru’s travel agencies. APAVIT was set up in Lima on 27 May 1947.


CAPTUR represents its members and offers benefits. It provides specialized advice services, union support, promotions, training, certification and other assistance that contribute towards permanent improvements in the quality of the services provided by our affiliates. This is done to develop and promote the industry, the province and the country.


Brazilian Association for Ecotourism and Tourism of Adventures Companies - With more than 140 associated companies and present in 22 states and the Federal District, ABETA - Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Companies is a civil association working to transform Brazil’s natural tourism potential into a force for economic and social development, and for promoting associationism, professional training and the outdoor life, while stimulating the sustainable provision of high quality tourist services in natural environments.


The Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (ABIH Nacional), the oldest tourism industry body in the country with 83 years experience, is a not-for-profit business association, which is present in all 26 states of the Union and the Federal District. It represents about thirty thousand accommodation facilities of all types, profiles and sizes, which are located in most Brazilian cities and have an impact on 52 economic activities in the commercial, service and industrial areas. One of its initiatives is organizing the National Hotel Congress (Conotel), which in 2019 held its 61st edition in Goiânia.


This Association brings together and represents vehicle rental companies nationwide, its focus being on providing professional qualifications and special commercial terms and conditions for companies in the sector for purchasing the vehicles, products and services that are essential to their business.


AMPRO is the only association that develops the theory and practice of the live marketing sector in an ample way nationwide. With its head office in Sao Paulo, it's celebrating its 26th anniversary in 2019 and has some 300 associates, with an extensive representation that covers the whole of Brazil.


The National Association of Airport Administration Companies (ANEAA) is a private legal entity with its headquarters and forum in Brasília-DF. It was established in July 2013 as a not-for-profit institution, the mission of which is to defend the legitimate interests of associated companies that administer new airport facilities, and disseminate information and knowledge aimed at developing companies in the industry and improving the well-being of airport users.


Anseditur is an association that represents municipalities that are tourist destinations. It integrates and strengthens policies and actions relating to tourism, across all three branches of government. It brings real advances and support to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of its associates. It does so by employing a toolkit that fits public policy to the needs and realities of the municipalities. Anseditur is headquartered in Brasília. It is collective, democratic, impersonal, equitable, resolute and synergistic.


A Peruvian not-for-profit trade union organization that brings together tour operators with vast experience in the Peruvian and international markets. It mobilizes nearly 70% of the organized tourism that arrives in Peru, as well as Peruvian and/or foreign individuals and legal entities that specialize in inbound and domestic tourism that contribute to the country’s development.


Aprecesp – the State of São Paulo’s Association of Tourism Cities – is a non-profit private organization established in 1985 with the objective of representing the interests of and working for the touristic development of the state’s seaside and inland cities.Currently, the association congregates 70 member-cities comprising beach resorts, climate health resorts, spa towns and tourist resorts.


Includes more than 1,000 outward and inward bound tour operators, organizations that promote destinations, ministries of tourism and travel agents, specialized media, service providers, marketing and public relations agencies, etc., in more than 93 countries. ATTA provides the destinations and the companies with the necessary tools for promotion and networking which are essential to success in the adventure sector. ATTA also makes an effort to help the adventure as a whole grow in a responsible and sustainable way and offers its members the opportunity to have direct access to and to develop relationships with outward bound tour operators from the world's most significant markets.


AVEMAREP is the Venezuelan Association of wholesalers, tour operators and representation companies. Currently its membership comprises around 80 of the leading companies in the country. One of our aims is to assist international suppliers, destinations, hotels and wholesalers that want to market themselves in Venezuela. Also, those that want to include Venezuela in their travel brochures.

Brazilian LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

The Brazilian LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is a not-for-profit association, the main objective of which is to promote an exchange of knowledge and the development of trade and business relations between Brazilian or foreign individuals and legal entities. In doing so it strengthens entrepreneurship and the socioeconomic, cultural and tourism development of the LGBT community and of companies that are diversity-friendly. Directly or indirectly, the LGBT Chamber offers the LGBT community guidance, support, training, and spaces for exchanging, promoting and improving business and tourism. It compiles and disseminates information, stimulates studies and research and promotes events that can expand knowledge about the LGBT community and respect for sexual diversity.


CLIA BRASIL is a non-profit entity, which was founded in 2006, with the aim of operating in the regulating, promotion and expansion of sea cruise activity in Brazil. It maintains partnerships with numerous domestic and international entities and institutions, with its main mission being to enhance Brazilian tourism.


FBHA is a trade association constituted for the purpose of administratively and legally coordinating, defending and ordering the interests and rights of businessmen in the category and their joint activities. It is up to the Federation to represent the category in agreements, collective bargaining arrangements and annual wage negotiations, in issues that are specific and proper to the regular exercise of the areas in which they operate. It also collaborates with government in studying and solving sector problems. It is one of the largest trade bodies in the country, which is present in all regions and that represents, through 66 affiliated unions, some 940,000 companies, including hotels, inns, restaurants, bars and the like.


The FOHB – the Forum of Hotel Operators of Brazil - is a not-for-profit association that brings together some of the most important hotel chains in the country. Founded in 2002, it currently comprises 24 Brazilian and international associated chains. There are 676 hotels in the chains associated with the FOHB, which together account for 118,000 rooms (UHs). There are 168 municipalities in Brazil’s five regions, generating more than 150,000 direct and indirect jobs. By 2022 there will 848 hotels in the chains associated with the FOHB, with more than 144,000 rooms.


The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), with more than 9000 professionals as members and operating on all continents, is the biggest global association in the travel and corporate events industry, which is worth approximately US$ 1.4 trillion. Collectively, our members control an annual volume of US$ 345 billion in travel and corporate events .

Hi Hostel Brasil

HI Hostel Brasil represents Hostelling International, the worldwide hostel network that created the “hostel” segment in the world. It is a brand that is more than 100 years old, with about 3700 establishments in 84 countries. In Brazil we have more than 70 hostels in all regions in the country.


IFITT is an independent global community for exchange & development of knowledge, about the use and impact of new ICTs in the travel and tourism industry. Join us, have free access to resources for your research and business, networking opportunities with experts and discounted rates to IFITT Events.

IGLTA - International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is the main world travel association dedicated to connecting and educating LGBTQ+ travellers and the businesses that welcome and support them along the way.IGLTA was founded in 1983 now operates in more than 70 countries on all continents.

LCVB – Lima Convention & Visitors Bureau

We are a private non-profit association and our main function is to promote the city of Lima as a meetings destination. Thanks to our network of affiliates, which include the city's major tourism and meetings industry companies, we are able to offer the most, most varied and complete services and tools to ensure that your event in lima is a success.


SINDEPAT - the Integrated System of Parks and Tourist Attractions - is a reference in Brazil as the representative entity for this sector and operates in the sense of representing, protecting and promoting the interests of its associates vis-à-vis the public authorities, the tourism trade, the press and the market.

Skål International São Paulo

Skål is a professional organization that has been promoting tourism and friendship globally since 1934. As the only international group bringing together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, it has 15,000 members in almost 400 Clubs in 87 countries. Brazil’s first Club, Skål International São Paulo, was set up over 63 years ago.

SPCVB – São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Visit São Paulo is a state-owned, not-for-profit entity maintained by private initiative, the mission of which is to attract visitors to São Paulo by capturing Brazilian and international events; training professionals in how to make people feel welcome; and promoting the destination. Its funds come from a room tax, an optional contribution paid by guests in associated hotels, monthly membership fees and partnerships, projects and sponsorships.


VBRATA Europe - Visit Brazil Travel Association (Tourism Trade Association Specialized in Brazil), which was founded in London in June 2010, is a private European non-profit association which unites the outward bound specialized tourism and cultural trade to Brazil with bases in both Europe as well as Brazil.


UNEDESTINOS, the National Union of CVBs and Destination Entities, is a private NGO, which is a mix of public and private entities. It specializes in promoting destinations, surveys, content generation, training programmes, and supporting and capturing events generally.

World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a global non-governmental organization, based in London, which for the last 50 years has been working for the protection and welfare of animals. We operate in more than 50 countries to encourage responsible tourism with wild animals, raising awareness and mobilizing tourists, companies and governments regarding the importance of consolidating tourism for the observation of animals in nature, living freely, a practice which is totally aligned with sustainability and the current market's trends. Globally there are already more than 250 tourism companies - including associations, operators and agencies - who are committed to and are partners in ethical tourism with wild animals.


WATA is a non-profit association, established in 1949 in Switzerland . WATA specializes in a myriad of services ranging from tailor-made leisure groups and Fits to Incentives, Meeting, Congress and Events in more than 40 destinations.

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