14 - 16 April 2025
São Paulo, Brasil

Free PR Opportunities

WTM Latin America PR team are in constant contact with both Latin America and International travel media from around the world who are actively interested in writing about travel.

Let us help you gain media coverage. The more information we receive from you the more information we can provide to journalists and digital influencers to let them know what's going on at the event.

We want to hear about:

  • Marketing/PR campaigns post-COVID
  • Your big projects/events/anniversaries
  • Your success stories
  • Your innovations and updates
  • A new partnership you want to shout about

Digital Influencers' Lounge

The Digital Influencers' Lounge is a space for networking between digital influencers and WTM Latin America’s exhibitors and visitors. With 15-minute slots that have to be pre-booked, the exchange of experiences in this space is very appealing. 

In this edition, the Digital Influencer's Lounge counted on an institutional partnership with the Brazilian Association of Travel Blogs - ABBV.

Book a Press Conference slot

WTM Latin America is the ideal show to launch new products, services and news, or corporate announcements to a wide selection of media professionals.

WTM Latin America Media Centre provides the perfect setting for media events. Due to limited availability for press conference slots, we advise you to book your slot as soon as possible. 

Get noticed by the global media

The Public Relations and Press Relations, Digital Influencers, and Content Producers team at WTM Latin America is in constant contact with national and international media in the travel and tourism sector.

We can help your secure media coverage!

The more information we receive from you, the more details we can provide to journalists so they know what's happening with your organization at the event.

We want to hear about marketing/PR campaigns, latest product launches, projects, brand events/anniversaries, success stories, and innovations.

WTM Latin America Official Agenda

Send your event information to the official fair agenda. Our team will work with preliminary agenda suggestions for accredited journalists of WTM Latin America to help them find stories at the event, people to interview, and scoops.

Two agendas will be worked on before the event.

Information Schedule - WTM Latin America Press Room

Do you have a Minister or celebrity confirmed for your booth?

Has your client closed an important contract and there will be an opportunity for photography?

Is there anything last minute you need to communicate with the media?

Use the Information Schedule located in the press room and inform about your booth activities.

Press Kits - WTM Latin America Press Room

At WTM Latin America, our priorities include waste reduction and the elimination of materials that cannot be reused. Therefore, we recommend using QR Codes for text presentation. The press room will maintain an exclusive area for exhibitors' materials.

Do you have any questions?

Please email [email protected] or get in touch with our Sales team. We’re here to help.