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28 Apr - 1 May 2025

Working Towards Net Zero

Arabian Travel Market are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the event. Therefore, we have established 3 pillars that will help us achieve net zero by 2040.


Provide quality content across all sectors of travel & tourism on both the ATM Global Stage and ATM Tech Stage.


Work closely with our partners, suppliers & advisors to find ways establish practices that will make ATM a more sustainable show. 


Deploy sustainable practices for the overall event such as waste reduction, badging materials, limiting single use plastics and more. 

Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Sustainability Goals

RX has pledged to become net zero by 2040 in line with our parent group, ten years ahead of our industry’s commitment to net zero by 2050. ATM celebrated its 30th annual event in 2023, by initiating 30 short-, medium- and long-term sustainability goals, which will not only make ATM more sustainable, but they will also support our corporate pledge, as we work towards net zero.

1.    Replace printed event guide with detailed floorplan on ATM website
2.    Print Show Dailies on recycled paper and eliminate waste 
3.    Sustainable badges / wallet material
4.    Introduce new Best Stand Award Category with sustainability goals to encourage best practice
5.    Sustainable material lanyards and recycle at end of show
6.    Water stations around the show

7.      No single-use plastics in RX staff offices / staff catering and encourage the same on exhibition stands
8.      Seminar sessions to integrate sustainability into all travel industry sectors
9.      Paperless Media Centre – press releases & show info all digital
10.    Print Yearbook on recycled paper and eliminate waste
11.    QR code for hosted buyer lists for exhibitors (no printed brochures)
12.    Single host hotel for hosted media and buyers near to DWTC to reduce carbon emissions through ground transportation

13.    Hybrid vehicles for ground transportation where possible

14.    Sustainable materials for carpet
15.    Guidelines for more sustainable stand builds provided to all exhibitors
16.    No new material in the construction of feature areas (except for flooring and graphics). Items already within suppliers' stocks to be used
17.    Reduction in quantity of graphics printing (signage and theatres)
18.    More sustainable graphics materials

19.    Increase the re-use and recycling of graphics year-on-year
20.    Enlist 'Earth Care Team' to liaise with exhibitors to improve recycling
21.    Rent ready built furniture / features rather than purchasing or making bespoke
22.    Work with our suppliers to understand their sustainability policies, plans, accreditation and guidelines within their own organisations and ensure where practicable that we work exclusively with suppliers with shared environmental values.
23.    Smartspace - RX offers bespoke stand design and build through their Smartspace business. ATM pledges to offer sustainable stand design options to exhibitors wishing to use Smartspace in the long term
24.    Encourage waste reduction on exhibition stands

25.    Advise exhibitors to produce digital business cards and digital promotional material only
26.    Collaborate with key partners, associations, sustainability accreditation companies and advisors to look to the future in offering guidelines to exhibitors for sustainable initiatives
27.    We are working with UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) to help lead our industry’s roadmap to net zero
28.    RX has a global sustainability council and regional working groups to govern and progress our efforts towards net zero. Individuals on both global and local leadership teams are personally accountable for our progress.

29.    At RX we are serious about sustainability, which is why we align with the science to limit climate change beyond 1.5 degrees. By 2030, we aim to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half and achieve net zero by 2040 and we’ve already made a good start!
30.    Long-term goals for ATM will include not just education and encouragement to reduce waste and carbon emissions but a requirement to do so. Only by working together in this way can we make a real positive impact on the environment in the future.