16th - 19th May, 2021

On Demand - Round Table Sessions

Trav Talk ME

New era of travel post covid

With vaccinations and travel passports issued, the world is looking at a new era in the travel industry. the new age of travel will entail a new travel passport and new policies that will provide a more secluded, personalized experience for the traveller. What new initiatives will tourism boards provide to entice the travellers to their destinations? How will they re-invent or re-experience their journeys?


  1. G B Srithar  - Director IMESA – STB
  2. Siobhan Naughton - Trade Executive Middle East & Asia
  3. Yamina Sofo - Director, Sales & Marketing – German National Tourist Office, Gulf countries
  4. Christos Demetriou - Regional Office Director GCC & Middle East Countries, Cyprus Tourism Organisation

Trav Talk ME

Role of Travel Professionals and services in post covid travel

At a time when the pandemic threatens the livelihoods of the industry, somehow the industry must find ways to revive without too many issues to handle. The most important part of the industry is to host people with safe distance and proper safety protocols that will not danger others. What will be the new role of travel professionals in the post covid era of travel?


  1. Beverly Au Yong - Area Director – Singapore Tourism Board Middle 
  2. Daks Gonsalez - Director DOT Philippines
  3. Shahrin Moktar - Director GCC Malaysia Tourism

TTN Worldwide

Crusing - Qatar & Saudi. Noregein Cruise Lines


The evolution of the luxury hotelier: navigating the present and innovating for the future

A look at the changing face of the luxury hotelier post-Covid-19 - how the hotel industry has reacted to the pandemic, how hoteliers have responded to and innovated around an unprecedented shift in traveller demands, and how they’ll recover and thrive in a new normal. 


The Sustainable Travel Agenda - where countries stand today


  1. Rabia Yasmeen, Consultant, Euromonitor International

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