About WTM

Connecting the world’s travel providers with opportunity

WTM London prides itself on being the hub of travel ideas. We aim to give you, the global travel trade an insight of how the industry will look in the future, share innovations, and create endless business opportunities.

Ideas mean business, and last year WTM London sparked a million meetings, resulting in around £3 billion in contracts. Our marketing reaches further and deeper, through social networks, partnerships and media. If you have a game-changing travel product or service, this is where you tell the world. With our many years of experience we have the ability to connect you with the right people, to not only do business but share industry ideas and discuss what the future holds in all things travel.

To create the best opportunities, we believe that the industry must fully connect and embrace new technologies. By doing this, we learn and improve and continue to stand out as a global, respected and established brand that is trustworthy and knowledgeable. 

We aim to actively encourage and keep pace with the latest developments so that we can help our customers achieve their best.

Your next big idea arrives here and we can’t wait to introduce you. 

What do visitors gain?

Expand your business network and hear from industry leaders about travel trends and innovations.

Showcase your destination

Gain exposure and promote your culture to 51,000 visitors from the travel industry.