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5 – 7 November 2024

Inclusion & Accessibility

Travel and tourism have long been a topic which unites. World Travel Market is home to the world’s travel trade and is serious about ensuring everyone feels welcomed.

WTM is committed to assisting those who have specific requirements. For specific access requirements at the Venue, please contact [email protected]

At WTM this year, you’ll find the following facilities to support your event experience:

Reset Room

Events can be busy places, and busy places aren’t for everyone. If you want to be part of the fun, but find safety in a place of solace, visit the WTM Reset Room where you can get away from the crowds and take a moment. The WTM Reset Room is located at S3 and can be accessed via the halls.

If you, or someone you’re with, requires emergency medical assistance whilst at WTM, please don’t hesitate to alert a staff member or visit the Organiser’s Office, who’ll be able to get you the help you need. Remember, you’re not in this alone!

Mobility Services

Working with a robust international venue, such as ExCel London, means WTM provides a broad range of services for those with mobility needs, we want everyone to have fun at WTM, so check out these services to support planning your visit Venue Accessibility | ExCeL London.

Multi Faith Room

We understand the importance of prayer and want to provide a quiet space without disruption to your daily activities. The Multi Faith Room can be accessed through the grey door next to the S9 entrance on the boulevard.

Family Room

Located by S9 entrance, the family room has two changing mats, chairs for breastfeeding, a microwave to heat up baby food and a bottle warmer. It also contains a sink and toilet.


Plans are underway to subtitle and translate many of our conference sessions, including the infamous WTM Ministers’ Summit, allowing more participants to take part than ever before.

For the first time we are also ensuring 50% of speakers within our conference programme will be from diverse groups, offering different knowledge, experience and perspective to the WTM audience.

Service Animals

ExCeL London and WTM welcome all guide and assistance dogs. Guide dog and assistance dog owners have important rights under the Equality Act 2010 meaning assistance dogs are entitled to enter establishments where the general public are admitted. No other dogs or pets are permitted in the venue.

Where everyone belongs

At World Travel Market London, everyone belongs. We cultivate a culture of inclusion at all our events, where the very things that make each of us unique are celebrated. Our exhibitors, attendees, partners and event colleagues are people from a wide variety of backgrounds, who make our shows stronger and our collective experience richer.

We are here to help

Get in touch

Our dedicated customer service department are here to answer your general enquiries. Please contact our dedicated Customer Service team, open from Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm (GMT). Call on: +44 (0)20 82712171