1 -3 November 2021

Buyers at WTM London

What is a buyer?

As a travel buyer and decision maker, you have a lot of power. The power to create unique experiences and moments of delight for travellers. In doing so, meaningfully contributing to the success of your company and your own reputation. We have made it as easy as possible for you to keep the conversations and connections going. You can set up 30-minute video meetings with exhibitors on a very impressive and interactive platform which is easy to use. You can use these to exchange business cards, draw up new contracts and keep the conversation going, all while growing your network.

Why should I apply?

At WTM London we dedicate ourselves to understanding your needs as a buyer and making sure that you get exactly what you need at the show. We understand that your needs for 2021 may be a bit different considering the changes we are seeing reflected across the travel industry. 

As a buyer, you will meet and reconnect with your peers to exchange notes on the best way to recover the business. The Buyers’ Club Lounge will be more open this year to stay within the new safety measures in place. As always we will make sure to make it easy for you to meet and build strong relationships with the right suppliers, even if you don't know who they are yet. 

Who can apply?

If you think youre ready to apply to be in the Buyers’ Club, please know that there are a few things for us to consider; these include your reasons for visiting, your purchasing and decision making authorty, and your annual budgets for travel products. 

For three years we have visited WTM. The event has been instrumental in helping us meet with potential and prospective partners from all around the world and help us to explore sectors that can work with us, such as the cruise industry.

Luca Carlucci

WTM Buyers' Club membership is crucial to our place in the tourism industry - I wouldn't even think to miss out on such a serious business event. Each year I have signed exclusive contracts with our counterparts and also met with fellow business partners.

Adil Qayyum
SME Promotions

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