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5 – 7 November 2024

Get ready for WTM London

This guide has been put together to keep you as informed as possible and to ensure that you have a smooth, efficient, and productive WTM London.

Whether it’s your first time or your 43rd time visiting WTM, please take the time to read over this helpful guide. Use the buttons below to jump to each section.

Not registered yet?

Book to attend before Tuesday 31 October and WTM is FREE. After that a ticket will cost you £45.

Set your objectives

The key to getting the most out of WTM, when you have limited time, is to set yourself some key objectives. This could be to visit a particular list of destinations, explore the travel providers and experiences exhibiting, catch-up with specific contacts or attend some conference sessions.

Top Tip: It's worth considering start-ups and lesser-known companies who have the drive and enthusiasm to win your business, and who will work hard to keep it.

10 tips for a successful visit

  1. Make sure you have all your appointments, conference sessions and networking events to hand on one schedule to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  2. NEW for 2023: WTM London is a Smart Event meaning you no longer have to collect business cards or carry around flyers or brochures. Look out for Colleqt QR codes at every stand to quickly get their information using your smartphone and share your details with them.
  3. Pick-up your copy of the WTM Event Guide, handed out to visitors on arrival.
  4. A great tip is to download the WTM app, which will help you locate all the exhibitors and the quickest routes to your next meeting.
  5. Refer to your list of appointments at least once a day to make sure that you are on track and not missing any of the important things.
  6. Re-evaluate your list the night before the last day and see if you need to revise your schedule and re-prioritise your day to make sure that you see the exhibitors you need to before the show ends.
  7. Pack enough clothes and the right shoes - You never know if you might decide to wear something different or need to change to look your best. Remember that WTM will require a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.
  8. Wear Your Badge Clearly: Make sure that your name badge is easily seen so that exhibitors can see it and remember you. Wear your name badge on your right shoulder so that when you meet someone and shake their hand, they can see it very easily.
  9. Don’t Forget to Smile: When meeting exhibitors and other colleagues, a smile goes a long way towards making a lasting, positive impression.
  10. Follow Up: After the show is over, be sure to follow up with the contacts you met, and the details you collected through our smart new tool, Colleqt. Keep in touch, send out LinkedIn invitations and follow through with your new connections.

Who’s who?

It is compulsory for all attendees to wear their badge during WTM, these will be sent to you in October and will need to be printed at home in advance.

This year we have introduced recycled badge holders that will come with lanyards, so please look for them on arrival to ExCeL.

Badges allow other people to see who you are, what you do and generally why you’re attending the event. Not only that, but a badge can also identify what type of attendee you are (see below), where you can go and many other important details to help make your visit as seamless as possible.

All visitors will have access on all three days. 

Trade Visitor

Travel trade professionals or those linked to travel in some capacity looking to do business


Senior travel industry decision makers with direct purchasing responsibility


Publishers, Editors, Journalists, Photographers, Broadcasters and Digital Influencers/Content Creators


Senior private sector travel leaders


The head of a governmental departments that specialise in tourism, recreation and/or culture


Tutors can bring students from travel and tourism courses to learn first-hand about the industry and attend the ITT Future You conference


Stand personnel representing a destination or a company

Exhibitor PR

Public Relations representative for an Exhibitor

NEW for 2023: WTM London is a Smart Event meaning you no longer have to collect business cards or carry around flyers or brochures. Look out for Colleqt QR codes at every stand to quickly get their information using your smartphone and share your details with them.

Plan your meetings ahead of time 

WTM has a robust meetings platform where you can seamlessly pre-arrange your diary for the show, plan your day to the minute and maximize ROI opportunities. The WTM Connect Me tool is available for Buyers, Media, Ministers and Exhibitors, but even without this tool, below are our top tips for planning ahead.

  1. Make appointments as early as possible so that you can be sure you won’t miss the important people and get your preferred time.
  2. Be sure to check the WTM Conference Programme and add your favourite sessions to your diary.
  3. When you make appointments throughout the day, ensure you leave plenty of time in between meetings to allow you to get to the different stands (some can be quite a walk), or in case they run over.
  4. Leave plenty of time to walk around the show floor to soak up the atmosphere and attend the numerous networking opportunities organised to encourage those spontaneous meetings and encounters. Sometimes these are the most productive!

Use WTM Connect Me

Use the online meeting platform, open to exhibitors, media and qualified buyers to search for new business contacts and set up meetings. It’s a great way to plan your diary ahead of attending the show.

The WTM Connect Me tool also allows you to book out time for conference sessions.

Not-to-miss Networking Opportunities

Informal meetings

The first hour of the show on all three days from 09.30–10.30 will be dedicated to unscheduled meetings. This is to allow all attendees to settle in and new attendees to get the chance of face time with the more established professionals – and means that everyone has an opportunity to meet people and do business they didn't know they would, which is often the most fun and profitable.

Community hubs

We also want you to be able to rely on the magic of chance encounters and new friendships. Our brand-new Community Hubs will bring a focal point to socialising and unplanned networking, in both the north and south halls.

Networking party

Taking place on Monday 6 November, from 17.30 – 19.30 in the Community Hubs, there is a chance to let your hair down, relax, and feel a part of your industry. We believe that celebrating together can create strong business bonds. Helping you make meaningful connections that bring limitless opportunities for your career.

Block out time for conference sessions

Our conference programme covers every sector that matters in travel and is specifically created with you in mind. You will have valuable key insights and takeaways from experts, and you can start applying these to your business straight away. Make sure you add your favourite sessions to your diary or set a reminder on your phone, and also remember to allow yourself enough time to walk to the stages.

Conference Programme Highlights:

Monday 6 November: Rethinking Travel for a Better World - Explore the power of travel with Brian Young, a veteran in the travel industry. With over 30 years of experience, Brian has seen the industry's impact and evolution firsthand. This keynote will focus on the transformative power of travel, and its potential to positively impact local communities and drive economic growth. 

Travel has always had the power to shape local communities, drive cultural change and economic development, however it has not always been for good. This session will uncover how travel companies can foster a more thoughtful and considerate traveller experience, shaping a brighter and more responsible future.

16:20 – 17:00, Elevate Stage (hall S10)

Tuesday 7 November: Winning Gold: Why Events, Festivals and Sport Matter - This session explores events and their profound influence on tourism. From the dynamic atmosphere of music festivals to the buzz of sporting events, these gatherings possess a unique power on travel. Industry experts will unravel the intricacies of how all types of events require long-term tourism strategies to enable destinations to capitalise from economic growth potentials. From marketing to investment and infrastructure, this session will dive into all aspects that need to be considered when using events as catalysts for growth.

13:10 - 13:40, Innovate Stage (hall N10)

Wednesday 8 November: Africa, a Goldmine for Adventure Travel? - Our speakers will take you into the heart of Africa's tourism landscape and understand its untapped potential! In this session, panellists explore the surge of demand for adventure across the world, and how this has impacted the tourism landscape across Africa.

14:50 - 15:30, Discover Stage (hall S2)

Getting here

Dates: 6–8 November 2023

Venue: ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock

1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks

London E16 1XL

United Kingdom

Find the perfect hotel for your visit to World Travel Market London by booking with our hotel partner, Hotelmap.

There is a new Floorplan design for 2023, making it easier to get around, with stand labelling and increased visibility of Exhibitors.

ExCeL is split into the North and South halls, with a central Boulevard running through the middle and the WTM Highway, a clearly defined pathway around the show, linking it altogether.

We have key feature areas, including the brand-new Community Hubs in the north and south halls, three Conference Stages and the Media Centre.

When you get to the show, we have the handy WTM App which will keep you in the loop with big events and must-sees, with the easy-to-use map working out the quickest routes to stands and stages. Plus, along the main boulevard and around the halls we have dedicated ‘Ask Me’ staff to guide you around the show and answer your questions.

The information desks can be found in the middle of ExCeL along the main boulevard (Platinum Suite entrance) and within the two community hubs.

Walk to the Well at WTM

Water charity, Just a Drop, was founded by Fiona Jeffrey OBE in 1998 whilst she was Exhibition Director of World Travel Market London. This year celebrates its 25th anniversary at World Travel Market.

WTM & Just a Drop believe everyone, everywhere, should have access to clean water as a basic right. We both remain steadfast in our commitment to fundraise and facilitate projects delivering clean water and adequate sanitation for communities across the world, as well as fund activities to drive food security, income generation and menstrual hygiene management.

The water charity began back in 1998, by asking for a £1 donation from every WTM attendee – this has continued every year since. All donations feed straight into projects to improve water access.

This year, World Travel Market have developed several exciting activities and initiatives to fundraise for this good cause, including the addition of £25 to every exhibitor participating in the London show. More initiatives to be announced soon.

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