Mon 6 – Thu 9 May 2024

Transforming travel through entrepreneurship

Bringing the travel community together

Arabian Travel Market is the market leading, international travel and tourism event unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Tourism destinations from around the world will once again unite in Dubai to showcase their brand alongside the biggest names in accommodation and hospitality, renowned tourism destinations and attractions, innovative travel technology providers and airlines.

We look forward to welcoming you there!

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

Each year we put a spotlight on specific aspects of travel that will be pivotal in determining the direction that our industry will take moving forward.  The main theme for 2024 will be ‘Empowering Innovation - Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship’, where we will explore how innovative sustainable travel trends will evolve and identify strategies for growth within specific key vertical sectors.

Arabian Travel Market 2024 will embark on a transformative journey through this theme. At the heart of this transformation lies the seamless integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, serving as powerful catalysts in driving groundbreaking net-zero initiatives, low-carbon solutions and sustainable investments within the travel trade industry.


Find out about Arabian Travel Market and what opportunities are waiting for you at this year’s show.


Make long-lasting business relationships and discover breath-taking destinations, travel technology solutions, airlines, hotels and more.


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2023 Featured Exhibitors

Shows like this are important because as someone who works in a global role, when you see what's happening around the world, I just think it makes the world a little smaller and makes us all feel more connected, but also allows us to learn great ideas. This show is incredible. There's an energy, and obviously this market leads in many cases, being the number one choice on TripAdvisor for the last two years in a row. So this is a market where things are happening and it's always good to learn. That's why I'm excited to be here.

Claire Bennett
Global Chief Customer Officer

IHG Hotels and Resorts

Happy to be here at ATM in Dubai. It's so important that we're a participant at ATM. This market is really important to Saber. It's growing phenomenally well. You can see the energy in the room here as we've gotten here on day one. And so just super excited, come here and meet our customers, talk about travel trends and really the partnership with ATM has been phenomenal. The growth, everything that's happening from an infrastructure, modernization. This is the heartbeat of the Middle East and we're just super happy to be here. The partnership, again, 30 years in the making, this is the epicenter and so it's one that we really are proud to be a part of.

Andy Finkelstein
SVP, Global Agency Sales & Delivery


I really believe that the Arabian Travel Market is a key platform for different travel agencies, for different countries, to engage effectively, to promote their countries on a regional and international level, as well as build on the many opportunities and create different experience and also engage on the different expertise that all of our countries can build on, not just in the GCC but internationally as well.

H.E. Fatima Al Sairafi
Minister of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism, Kingdom of Bahrain

I think the Arabian Travel Market is a fantastic element and a pivotal element in establishing the region as a leader in travel and tourism for two reasons. One, it is a fantastic opportunity to aggregate and create constructive collisions between different brands and different players in the ecosystem that's really hard to come by anywhere else in the world and any of the other travel and tourism markets. On the other hand, it allows us an opportunity to explore what other people are doing, what are the new innovations at play, and a conference that really brings and establishes the importance of the thought leadership happening here, establishing this not only as a trade market, but also a thought leadership hub, which is going to be, in my opinion, continuously more important as a cornerstone of Arabian Travel Market going forward for the next 30 years.

Ahmed Daoud
Executive Director of Innovation

Royal Commission for AlUla

If you're not at this event, you're not in the game. It's a phenomenal event, incredibly well attended, very professional stage, great speakers, great subjects. If you want to get into the game, you just simply have to be here. Do not come for one day, come for the entire event, come to all the speaking engagements, as many as you can. Staff are excellent. It's a really, really professional show. And my goodness, there's a lot of people here.

Michael R. Henderson

Moon World Resorts Inc.

I think our participation in such event, which is a leading global event in the middle, is such like the ATM. As I told you, this is the leading global event in the Middle East. It's the hub of clients and supplier. We are planning to make a strategic partnership with suppliers and with the client here. It is an opportunity to meet together. It is the biggest gathering of all companies working in the aviation industry, working in tourism, working in travel industry. So it's an opportunity and a chance for all companies to meet together at the same time and the one ceiling to discuss all issues, to find a solution for all their problems and the challenges in the tourism industry.

Eng. Nabeel Alrefaei


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Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre 2 Dubai
United Arab Emirates