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6 – 9 May 2024

Casablanca Gears Up for its New Congress and Exhibition Center

Casablanca, 18th October 2024

Authorities of the Region Casablanca-Settat and the City of Casablanca have given the green light for a historic transformation. Casablanca's Exhibition Fair will be reimagined into a world-class Congress and Exhibition Center, heralding a new era for MICE tourism in the region.

Spanning a total area of 20,000 sq. meters, the "Casablanca Congress & Exhibition Center" will comprise:

  • 5,940 sq. meters dedicated to the creation of a state-of-the-art congress center, capable of accommodating up to 2,000 participants
  • 11,880 sq. meters of exhibition space, offering a versatile venue for a variety of events and exhibitions

The site, where the majestic edifice will retain its exterior architecture, enjoys an enchanting environment and easy access via wide thoroughfares. It is situated opposite the Hassan II Mosque, surrounded by extensive landscaped spaces, with the Atlantic Ocean and its verdant promenade as a backdrop.

As a thriving international metropolis, Casablanca will be poised to host its first major events starting in the first semester of 2025!

For further insights into this groundbreaking project and additional information, we invite you to request an interview with the Casablanca Settat Regional Tourism Council. 

Media Contact:

Mrs Bouchra Taibi , Developpement Director of Regional Tourism Council of Casablanca Settat +212665170532 - [email protected]

About Casablanca : Business & Chill Destination :

Casablanca is a modern and contemporary African city, open to the world through its vibrant spirit, its magnificent port which welcomes the finest liners, and its airport connected to over 100 destinations worldwide.

It is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway, a business trip, or the organization of a conference or convention, in a region that is just a 3-hour flight from any European city.

Casablanca is a city for year-round exploration. It meets the challenge of immersing you in a modern environment, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-maintained roads, and lush parks. Yet, it also offers a complete change of scenery, placing you in the heart of nature for a round of golf, a surfing break, a scenic hike or horseback ride, all in close proximity to a vibrant and welcoming population. And to top it off, indulge in a tasting of refined and diverse cuisine.

As the top business tourism destination, accounting for 72% of the national activity in this segment, this trend is set to accelerate with the establishment of the continent's major financial hub: Casablanca Finance City, which will host companies from nearly 50 African countries.

Top 10 reasons why Casablanca & Region is the best MICE destination

1/ The African business capital : The driving force behind Morocco's economic momentum, itself embodying the continent's renewed potential

2/ Cutting edge infrastructure : Transportation, security, health, recreation... 

3/ A regional, national and global hub : A high connectivity region with excellent national and international connections

4/ A premium hotel offering : The most renowned institutions have established themselves in the region

5/ A wide range of conference venues : A selection of venues to accommodate all your business and festive needs

6/ Day or night : A region that never sleeps, enlivened by a wide selection of restaurants, discotheques and clubs 

7/ Craftsmen and shopping centers : The largest international franchises and master craftsmen work side by side in the metropolis

8/ Golf in the limelight : Are you a fan of green spaces and fancy sports? A wide range of golf courses are just around the corner

9/ A seaside metropolis : The region is brimming with fine sandy beaches and infrastructures dedicated to admirers of the deep blue sea

10/ Gateway to Morocco and Africa : The region is a destination in itself...but also a gateway to the authentic Morocco and the continent of a thousand wonders

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