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1 – 4 May 2023

HMH’s Top Exec Shares How Tech Will Shape the Future of the Hotel Industry

UAE, 11 May 2022

Recently, Hospitality Management Holding (HMH) signed an agreement 
with Terminus Group, aimed at developing Autonomous Robotic Solutions throughout the

hotels managed by HMH.

‘The future of the hotel industry will thrive on smart and sustainable offerings which provideunique brand experiences for its guests without compromising on the key values of traditional hospitality,’ said Haytham Abdelaziz, Director of Operations at HMH. ‘With the power and reach of social media, hotel trends and forward-thinking brands are shared immediately by younger audiences, driving the technology revolution across the sector. It’s exactly these benchmarks that have been front of mind when building our new lifestyle brand - ECOS Hotels.’

Abdelaziz shared how HMH is leveraging technology to shape the future of their hospitality experience.

‘In addition to signing the agreement with Terminus Group, digital solutions are helping us to enhance our guest interaction at every touch point, from pre-arrival to keeping in touch postdeparture via Opera Cloud software,’ he continued. ‘For example, the one thing that we all carry around these days is our smart phone. We are leveraging this in every HMH process, from paperless check-in via e-registration and iPads for check in or out anywhere in the hotel, to contactless payment and ‘Mobile’ room keys through smart phones. Our WhatsApp solution includes digital menus and food ordering, a ticketing system, guest feedback and reviews, and Live Chat.

Using tech to wow guests is also helping the in-room experience. From in-room control via TV, giving our guests the ability to control lights and temperature, to Chromecast – TV screen mirroring. For our business travellers, our HUAWEI IdeaHub Smartboards are raising the barin meeting rooms.

With a buoyant market ahead, success will rely on leveraging digital solutions to act as catalysts for innovation. For us, guest needs and their symbiotic relationship with technology will continue to inspire our future.’

As one of the leading hotel management companies in the region, HMH is active in leveraging innovation technology partnerships to drive improved guest experience.

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