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6 – 9 May 2024

The new hotspot in Cannes

Opens March 2023 coinciding with MIPIM (14-17 March)

24 January 2023

Discover Mr. Nakamoto, the new contemporary seafood restaurant in Cannes destined to bring a change of scene to the Croisette. The concept behind the venue is a marriage of sophisticated New York fifties dining with Japanese finesse. Offering both lunch and dinner in the gardens of the Mondrian Cannes, it’s the opening of the season.

Exceptional location

Mr. Nakamoto enjoys a unique location. Situated in the only gardens on the Croisette, the spot offers a range of different experiences. Inside the Mondrian Cannes, the dining room imbued with muted luxury benefits from an uninterrupted sea view. Alongside, the bar harbours an intimate environment. Outside, the vast terrace brings a taste of paradise cocooned in the hotel’s tree-planted lawns, far from the bustle of Cannes.

A sense of elsewhere

This “eccentricity” is cultivated at Mr. Nakamoto in an atmosphere inspired by the type of New York institution where desserts are flambéed at your table while a Martini chariot rolls by. The menu puts the emphasis on the local catch and features spectacular seafood platters, along with the eatery’s exceptional yakitori and sushi dishes. The equally fabulous cocktail menu celebrates and puts a spotlight on the American Martini in all its glory.

A set of strong signatures that promise to make this a lively destination throughout the day and evening, and a new place of choice on the French Riviera.