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5 – 7 November 2024

WTM Conference Tracks

Our Conference Tracks are designed to help you quickly find the sessions that you are interested in.

Live seminars will run throughout WTM London, with a programme of top speakers and influencers. Check out our conference programme today.

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Our new theatre layouts will also provide more opportunities to participate in the wider conversation, so you can make your voice heard. Take advantage of every possibility to connect with others and share your experience.

This year, we have introduced some new content ‘tracks’ which will showcase topical conversations about the travel industry.

One conference programme, eight tracks


Speakers will share knowledge, challenges, and sustainable initiatives, enabling you to become more responsible and understand how to contribute to a greener future.


You will gain deeper knowledge of emerging technologies, best practices, and strategies to enhance your customer experiences, streamline operations and drive business growth.

Diversity & Inclusion Track

Exploring the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture, essential for creating inclusive environments, enhancing business performance, and the needs of diverse consumers.


Focusing on the latest trends, obstacles, and opportunities within travel marketing, promoting your businesses, attracting customers, and gaining influence.

Geo-economics Track

This will help you to prepare for external factors and influences that are shaping the industry, from natural disasters, climate change and economic fluctuations.

Emerging Markets Track

Speakers will uncover emerging markets and supply strategies on how to tap into these new growth opportunities, and successfully expand offerings.

Consumer Trends Track

This showcases the evolving needs and expectations of your customers, supplying strategies to adapt and prepare your businesses accordingly for the future. 


Where experiential travel is at the forefront of travel, this provides valuable knowledge and use-cases to stay ahead and create the next must-visit destination.

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