10 - 12 April 2024

First Time Visitors

We love first-time visitors, and if you want to attend our next event, you should find all the necessary registration information about the show here on our website. Whether you want to exhibit, attend as a buyer, media, or general attendee, there’s always space for you at WTM Africa. 

Our top tips when visiting WTM Africa for the first time

Print and bring your badge to avoid the queues

If you print the e-badge that is emailed to you and bring it along with you, you can skip all the queues and go straight into the show.

Pick up a Route Planner

These will be your guide and your manual onsite. The Route Planner will help you map out the show and get full details of all of the conferences and sessions taking place. 

Mastering the art of networking at WTM Africa

Having clearly defined goals will help lead to more effective outcomes at WTM Africa. Remember, everyone attending the show is here to do business, so developing this mindset will make it easier to strike up and lead conversations.

An excellent place to start is by asking yourself: "Who do I want to meet, and why?" Study the exhibitor list and draw up a detailed action plan outlining who you want to build connections with and how you plan on doing it. 

Attend the talks and side events

As is the case at most social events, some of the most valuable live connections are forged spontaneously — at the water station or waiting in line for coffee.

Aside from the show floor, WTM Africa offers a range of value-add bolt-on events in our Host City of Cape Town to help nurture an environment primed for meeting and mingling with industry peers. Block book a few gaps in your schedule to attend the speed networking sessions, and make an effort to drop in at the pre-show events.

Another opportunity for meeting meaningful connections is at some of the live talks built into the show programme, be it the speakers themselves or those seated around you. There's no need to spread yourself too thin here, but do keep yourself armed with a crisp notebook and a solid supply of business cards or brochures (if you don’t have a digital resource). 

Treat people like friends

If you tend to find networking events somewhat daunting and admittedly a bit awkward, here's the thing: most people feel the same way. With that in mind, those you strike up a conversation with will genuinely be glad that you took the first step.

At the end of the day, people attend networking events to meet people, so don't let your thoughts stop you — if you get the urge to go speak to someone, don't hold back. Fortunately, everyone at WTM Africa will have a show badge with their name and business title, so there's no reason why you can't use that as a strategic 'in' to strike up a conversation. 

Follow through

Once the show officially wraps up, there's no reason to stop building connections and engaging with others in the industry. Upload your pictures on social media and set about engaging with new connections online.

It's crucial to set aside some time to email attendees you promised to contact. If you enjoyed a specific presentation, drop the speaker a message of encouragement. If you thought a particular exhibitor stand stood out, don't shy away from raving about it.

Whether you're looking to rejoin WTM Africa or are attending for the first time, we're looking forward to having you at the show. For up-to-the-minute updates, please follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

Remember to come and talk to us if you need help!

We have info points inside the venue that are clearly demarcated for your convenience. If you need help with anything, come and ask us, we will be happy to help!

Just a sincere thank you to you and the team for hosting me at WTM this year, I truly had a great time meeting our suppliers and learnt a lot about the Southern Africa destinations that we sell. I truly appreciated this hosting.

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