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1 – 4 May 2023

Konduko Lead Capture

Arabian Travel Market is a SMART EVENT, meaning you no longer have to worry about collecting business cards, working out which leads came from which salesperson, or manually entering data. Konduko provides you with a SMART solution to digitally gather all your leads in one place, allowing you to capture high quality data.


  • Don’t lose any leads even when busy
  • Save on printing brochures and promotional literature
  • Save time on post-event admin
  • Instantly provide digital content to potential clients
  • Capture high quality sales leads

How does it work?

A badge reader is placed on your stand pre-loaded with digital content by you - the exhibitor.  When visitors use their Smart Badge with the reader, their details are captured.  The visitor will then receive an email at the end of the day containing the information about your product.  In addition, the smart app will allow you to capture and qualify leads using your smartphone or tablet as well as adding extra notes. 

Click here for full information on your Konduko reader and application.

Watch this short video to see how visitors will use their Smart Badges at ATM.


  • Konduko Reader is a wireless sensor placed on the stand pre-loaded by the exhibitor with digital content.
  • All visitors will be equipped with a Smart Badge that interacts with your Konduko Reader.
  • When visitors touch your Reader with their Smart Badge, their contact details are saved, and you can access them on the Konduko Cloud.
  • The visitor will receive a Daily Digest email at the end of each day. This can include all your content like brochures, catalogues, product information, press releases, white papers etc. definitely an excellent way to replace all your printed collateral reaching straight to the potential customers.

WHAT IS THE KONDUKO APP? (Main Stand Holders and Sharers)

The companion Stand App, available for iOS and Android, will let you capture and qualify leads from your smartphone by simply scanning the visitor barcode on their badge.

It allows you to add individual notes for each conversation you have with a new contact. You can also pre-populate with questions so your sales team can qualify visitors from the first conversation.

Simply scan a visitor badge, retrieve contact data and add comments. 


Collect the Smart Reader from the Konduko Exhibitor Services Desk located outside hall 2, DWTC from 12pm on 7 May.

The Smart Reader may be placed on a table top or on the wall. You will be provided with adhesive stickers and a backing disk label.

Download the StandApp from the Apple Store or Google Play under the name “Konduko” on the device that you will be using on the show floor. You will need Android 5.0 and up or iOS 9.0 or up.

Activate it with the Activation key displayed in your Konduko account, under the Event menu, Stand Apps tab. Make sure you activate your Stand App on the actual device you will be using to scan visitor badges.

You can access all your contacts’ details at any time during and after the show in your Konduko account under EVENT menu, LEADS and REPORTS tab. You can export your report as Excel or CSV. Your leads will appear in your account for 3 months from the date the show closes. 

Yes, the Konduko Stand App also works ‘offline’, so that even if you do not have data coverage (WiFi or 3G/4G) when scanning a visitor’s smart badge, their contact details are still saved on your smartphone, and will be synced as soon as you are back in data coverage range. 

Yes. A single activation key can be used at one time. If you have 1 staff member each day, then you can share the single activation key provided in your account for each person.

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